Stanley House Hotel (or should it be Stanley House Heaven…)

In a rare and unusual moment in our hectic lives my husband and I had an evening together last night and where better to spend it than in the luxury of  Stanley House Hotel, Mellor, in between Preston and Blackburn. We discovered this little island of paradise about three years ago when the snow was falling and I was about to give birth to our first baby (incidentally it didn’t happen while we were there!).

In a word I love good service paired with excellent food and Stanley House has got it all. Luxury, service, class, affordability and ordinary food cooked and presented to a very high standard.

During our evening of indulgence we were satisfied with a delicious glass of white wine and a very long glass of lager. This was later accompanied by a double-decker beef sandwich and chunky chips,  just the partnership for a cafetière of coffee and hot milk so divine I could do it every week!

Situated on the top of a hill overlooking the open countryside Stanley House has been transformed from a working farm to a 5 star restaurant, hotel and soon to be spa. If ever you are wandering the roads around Preston I would recommend you take the time to taste the delights of Stanley House Hotel.(just 10minutes from Junction 32 of the M6)

I will share many more North West eating out moments with you in posts to come…..


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