Fish anyone?

I think I firstly need to tell you that I love all things smoked. Fish, cheese, ham all come under my nose radar when it comes to tasty food. So, it is no surprise that at the top of my fish list is natural smoked haddock. (that is smoked in a smoke house and not that weird yellow stuff that claims to be smoked haddock!) We are lucky enough to have ‘The best fish monger’. He parks his trailer and wares up at our equally fantastic fruit shop in the sunny haven of Leyland. (Paul’s Farm Shop, Dunkirk Lane, Leyland, Preston to be precise). He will only select fish directly from the boats at Fleetwood dock if he thinks it is good enough and that his very particular clientelle won’t refuse to buy it.

Anyway, I digress I buy smoked haddock every week and have 3 reliable recipes that my family will eat, even my little 2 year old thank goodness. The first, and my favourite it Kedgeree, then there is Smoked haddock potato bake which I will share today, and finally Smoked haddock with mash potato, spinach and roasted cherry tomatoes. (recipes to follow)

Tonight it was the turn of Smoked Haddock & Potato bake. This recipe originally came from a BBC Good Food booklet but I have had to adapt as I don’t have a microwave. Here is the recipe & I hope you like it.

Serves 4 – Preparation time 20minutes – Cook time 40mins

400g skinned smoked haddock

1 leek

200ml double cream

4 baking potatoes

Pre-heat oven to 200 degress.Peel potatoes, slice thickly & steam for 10minutes. Meanwhile clean and thinly slice the leek, softening in oil for around 8 minutes. Cut your fish into large chunks then lay on the bottom of an oven proof dish, scatter the leek over the top then lay the potato slices on top with a generous grind of salt & pepper. Pour over the double cream with a couple of tablespoons of water. Now place in the centre of the oven, remove when bubbling hot and potatoes are crispy. Serve immediately. Yum!!!


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