Meal plans

Every week I sit down and plan a menu for the week ahead. This involves browsing through several of my cook books thinking about what I feel like cooking. How I feel plays a very significant part in all of my cooking and if it didn’t I would probably use the same meal plan each week, or at least one of maybe three or four. But in the real world one week I fancy eating and cooking spag bol and the next I don’t. I try to plan both lunch and dinner as generally I am not a last minute on the spot thinker so I need to have something up my sleeve. The other reason I write a meal plan is so that I buy exactly what I need with the minimum amount of waste.

I will in the future talk a lot about meal plans but for now here is a typical week’s plan for our weekly dinners –

Monday – Chicken with broccoli & cashew nuts served with egg noodles

Tuesday – Cottage pie & peas

Wednesday – Oven baked salmon with sweet potato chips

Thursday – Homemade fresh tomato sauce with fresh pasta and homemade garlic bread (dough made in bread maker)

Friday – Beef stew & mash potato

Saturday – Sausages with quick green lentil stew

Sunday – Kedgeree with hard-boiled egg

I try to keep a balance of fish, meat & veggie so that we maintain a healthy balanced diet. I generally don’t make puddings unless it is a special occasion so we usually have yoghurt or fruit.


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