Fresh is best!

If I could I would probably food shop everyday. I think I am a little old-fashioned in many of my approached to food but I know that when you cook from scratch on a daily basis fresh ingredients always produce the best food. Sadly, due to the lack of local butchers and green grocers I don’t shop daily and refuse to shop at the local supermarkets as the temptation to buy other things is too great, and my food bill would be too high.

As a compromise to my desire to shop daily I shop weekly for all my fruit, vegetables, fish, meat & chicken. Admittedly I freeze some of it but if I could I would cook with it immediately and then freeze. I love my freezer to be stocked with the best of my homemade soups, stews & bakes.

Along with fresh I also love local and seasonal. Not only do you have produce that tastes of something, you also have prices that are far more competitive than the foreign, out of season produce.

You also find that it makes more sense to eat seasonally. It feels completely unnatural to be eating strawberries in winter & brussel sprouts in summer. Nature designed it to be this way and we should respect it.

I shop at a local farm shop so when you can take the opportunity to do the same. Farmer’s markets are increasingly popular and a great way to introduce you to the wonders of fresh, local & seasonal!!!


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