Homemade Cornish pasty.

It’s cold, windy & very dreary here today in Preston. I have consulted my meal plan and as luck should have it we are having yummy Cornish pasty’s for tea. I think I am being slightly fraudulent when I say homemade as I have cheated like I always do and bought the pastry. I love pastry but my efforts are usually poor therefore opting for a packet off the shelf always seems like the better option. (Jusroll short crust today).

There are just two things to remember when making these morsels of magic and that is – chop your filling into tiny pieces so that they cook quickly, remain tender (especially the meat) and cook evenly. The second thing is don’t overfill your pasty as I always do. Once you have created your pastry circle just put a spoonful on one half and leave a generous gap around the edge to allow for crimping and sealing.

What a disaster – so much so they were not even worthy of a photograph!! Next time I make them and if they are any good I will let you take a look but in the meantime we will just have to dream of yummy Cornish pastys!


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