The humble pea…

They are simple, tasty, versatile & delicious. I truly couldn’t live without peas! Of course I mainly use them in the frozen variety but when you can get fresh it is always better. I have observed that no matter what I am making peas always seem to be the best accompaniment to the dish. Other vegetables either seem too strong in flavour, broccoli or cauliflower for example, or just too sweet, parsnips or carrot. But the humble pea pops in the pan for a matter of minutes and sits comfortably on the plate beside your protein & carbohydrate. I could easily write a list a page long defining the ways in which I use peas but to spare you here are my favourites –

Oven baked salmon, sweet potato chips & peas

Fresh chicken breast, noodles, spring onions & fresh peas

Fresh peas, little gem, creme fraiche & linguine/spaghetti

Easy peasy cheesy pea risotto

Gammon, fried egg, chips & peas (such a Northern delicacy!)

Fish, chips & peas (mushy if preferred)

I hope to create a glossary of these recipes in the very near future so that I can share these delicious recipes with you.



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