Miracles can happen.

Only a matter of days ago I wrote a post about my little boy and his aversion to many foods. Well, this week all has come to a head and in the name of sanity and not letting him rule the roost we have decided to be tough!

I don’t know how it all started really. How I ended up making two meals and being such a tolerant Mum blaming his teeth and the fact that he didn’t understand but no more. I was sick and tired of cooking separate meals and very worried that he wasn’t eating the things he needed. So, earlier this week we gave him an ultimatum, eat your food, the one meal on the table or go to bed. Each time he has chosen to go to bed and I think he has been shocked that we have taken him but each time he has screamed and cried that he wants to come down and eat. And he has albeit a little reluctantly at times but the threat of returning to bed has been enough to make him swallow the poison that I have made.

In all fairness to my little sweetie (he is a really good boy usually) I think he has slowly developed a phobia to tasting new food, not daring to swallow it in fear that he will not like the taste, even though he has never actually tasted it!! But gradually the nut is beginning to crack. Today he ate, beef stew, carrot, mash potato & puff pastry and lots of it too. Well done my little man Mummy & Daddy are so proud of you!!!!! xx


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