No sleep equals no posts!

It feels like a long time since I last posted and the reason, a baby that insists on waking 3 or 4 times a night!! It is strange that even though you know you haven’t had a good nights sleep you still don’t realise that is why you aren’t functioning properly! All in all it results in you unable to contemplate typing at 7.30pm after a full day of children, cleaning & cooking.

So, where exactly am I up to in the world of food. Not where I want to be that is for sure. I would rather be creating and cooking new and exciting menus for my family but sadly I am confined to the delights of spag bol & cod and chips. I know that simple can often be best but it seems to be when you are a Mum you are always making food for others and not for your own selfless desire.

Tonight, as an example, consisted of sausage & tomato pot with pasta all because I knew my little boy would eat sausages and I wanted to make them healthier by adding tomato, mushroom & cannellini beans. It was quite nice actually but I don’t consider sausages as being the top of my healthy eating food list. Lunch was equally exciting with a naff ham roll and a few cherry tomatoes – delicious!

I am sure in time to come the mundane food that seems to be passing my lips lately will be once more and I will be able to experiment to my heart’s content, oh and get round to posting all my news and recipes here on my blog…I can’t wait!!


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