Tea cold turkey – how difficult can it be?

Whilst musing about the year behind us I began to ponder about my daily tea consumption. Privately, and without knowing, I had become well and truly addicted. Yes, addicted to common old garden English tea. It was a subtle beginning earlier this year when I began to have a cup as son as I awoke. Suddenly, my hot water and lemon had gone to replaced by the hard stuff. And so it went from bad to worse. Before I knew it was drinking 4 cups before the clock had struck 12. It may have been acceptable if it had stopped there but the addiction continued. Children in bed, make a cup of tea.
It had to stop and it has with some quite alarming consequences. Now remember dear reader we are talking about the humble cup of tea, not wine, beer or gin. Tea. My first cold turkey side effect on Boxing Day was a very bad headache. A headache which was shared by my husband who had decided to join me on my mission. But that wasn’t the strangest thing. Backache. Yes, backache I hear you cry, how can you be backache from not drinking tea. I have yet to answer that bizarre question but my husband is suffering the same thing so I can only conclude the tea is to blame. Another observation. That made my conclusion point to tea was that when I had a cup of coffee 4 days later the backache disappeared!!!
All this evidence made it even more alarming about what on earth I had been putting into my body for all these years and what I had been overdosing on over the last 6 months.
I will continue my research with findings posted here on ‘Inastew’ and just hope that by the time I write the next post my backache will have disappeared along with my addiction to tea!
If you have any strange tea and coffee experiences I would love to hear about them.


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