I did it…24 hours without tea!!

This to some may seem a little boring but to me anything to do with the results and affects of what goes into your body is fascinating. I confess I found it incredibly hard to resist the urge to have a cup of tea. I just wanted a different taste. I wanted to taste the tea and to maybe decide that I wasn’t bothered about it after all.

I have read that stopping caffeine can cause muscular pain. It seems so strange that the humble cup of tea can cause you so much hassle! I can remember the days when my tea drinking habit started. I was only young, maybe 9 or 10. It was a time that I spent lots of time with my grandparents, who surprise, surprise drank lots of tea. They must have been the ones who encouraged me to ‘ave a brew’ (Lancashire for have a cup of tea) and so I began, complete with sugar, which I hasten to add I quit at the age of 13. Things could have been a lot worse if the sugar had continued. This progressively continued through high school, then college whilst at friends and never more so than when I was at university. What else was there to do than drink tea and chat?

I don’t actually know if I will be able to stop drinking tea altogether. Coffee it seems was a different matter. I stopped that completely in November (NO – vember was the month that I decided to start all these experiements finding out if I could live with or without the accepted drug. It was fine and after the first week I actually didn’t mind in the slightest but maybe subconciously I started to drink more tea. It makes me wonder just how many people are actually addicted to tea. Who needs that cup of tea to kick start them in the morning? How many cups do people actually drink in one day?

I’m hooked on this life experiment and I will continue to dig and delve into the curious nature of how as a society we seem to function on tea.


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