Is this really a food blog?

It has to be said that since resurrecting this blog my mind has been a hive of food and food related activity. I have suddenly realised just how much I want to say but in the same breath really don’t want to bombard any readers I may just have (thanks to the 4 I have already I am very grateful!). This post is here to qualify that I will be making lots of posts but I hope not to bombard and I hope that in time I will be able to get my many points across.

What has already become extremely apparent  is that much of my opinions and thoughts are related to how foods affect our health. I would never describe myself as a foodie. I don’t long to go to a certain restaurant. I am simply fascinated by food and the relationship we as humans have towards it. In a certain sense I could even become a little political about how I feel and dare I say it, controversial. I have been know to be a little outspoken, even tactless, but I am passionate by the fact that food heals. After all it healed me. There was I a 28-year-old teacher, eating and drinking too excess, being prescribed beta blockers and anti-depressants by the doctors and yet at no point did anyone suggest that my diet and lifestyle could make a difference to how I feel. This I had to work out for myself and the other great healer, time, contributed to who I am today. It is as plain as the writing on this page that a 20 something should NOT be putting drugs of those strengths into their bodies without some serious questioning taking place.

In essence I know that the blog that began life as a way to communicate my feeling about food will become a health and lifestyle blog. But for now let’s just see how things go. Let me just keep my promise of blogging regularly and hoping some people out there will gain just a little something from little old me in North West England. Here’s hoping 🙂


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