Slow dough but worth the wait dough!!

Hey there sour dough lovers!! Are you ready for my next sour dough installment. It’s the best one yet…..

After baking my last sour dough loaf I felt there must be another recipe that could make it just that bit better, and you know what, I think I have and it is all thanks to a lovely lady on the other side of the pond who goes by the name of Please take a look at her site if you have a minute. I think it is great and maybe one day she will think mine is too.

2015-01-01 20.20.55

A banneton or proving basket.

My original recipe  produced this beautiful specimen – (the banneton or proving basket created the lines -see pic above)

A loaf using my first recipe by Paul Hollywood (UK master baker)

This loaf used 375g white bread flour, 250g of sour dough starter, 7.5g salt and 130-170ml tepid water. It had a double prove firstly of 4 hours then of 8 and a bake at 220 degrees centigrade for 30 minutes. Now please don’t mis-understand it was a nice loaf but it was very hard on the outside, just a bit more than I would have liked and the bread inside was very dense. When toasted it was also very hard but the flavour was good.

The second recipe by annies-eats was very different in its method. You mixed, you left a room temperature but here for the strange part, you put it in the fridge for 12 hours, added extra flour, sugar and salt then left to prove again for 4 hours. The result was this –

2015-01-06 14.01.52

Recipe 2 – taken from – 2 loaves for the price of one!!

And so after a mammoth 18 hour process 2 little baby sour doughs were once again born. I have to say looking, feeling and tasting totally different to the siblings born earlier.

The inside of my recipe 2 loaf.

A rather mouse hole looking loaf as per recipe 2. But don’t let looks be deceiving!!

I only wish that you were able to taste a slice right now with some delicious homemade jam care of my friend Leonie ( It was delicious and my lovely husband and 2 beautiful children agreed too. It was a double bonus too when the recipe made 2 loaves. I will pop one in the freezer just to check how it copes with a deep freeze!!

Until next time, au revoir my friends!!



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