Chips, anyone?

Chips, glorious chips!! What do you dip yours in?

Chips, glorious chips!! What do you dip yours in?

Chips, who can honestly say that they don’t like chips? Whether it be those of the frozen variety, chips from your local chip shop all deep-fried and a bit soggy or in this case the home-made variety. Tasty, delicious and most importantly, healthy. I have been a chip maker for quite some time now and they are usually accompanied by their good friend Mr Fish. Mr Fish is also homemade with some delicious breadcrumbs clinging on for dear life and of course the humble pea who has always got to come along for the ride.

There is only one thing you need to know about chips and that is your chips are only as good as the potato you cook. We are lucky enough in this part of the world to have access to some amazing fruit and vegetables. I live near the North West coast of England where the grass is green and the soil is fertile. A recipe for great spuds. I generally use a variety called Wilja but many chefs will recommend Maris Piper or similar. Your potato needs to be something that will hold its shape after a gentle steam and one that has good flavour without any additional ingredients.

The Method. (to serve 4 people)

1. Peel approximately 6 large potatoes, cut them into even size chips and rinse under the cold tap until the water runs clear.

2. Pre-heat your oven to 220 degrees centigrade, you must have a very hot oven to get a crisp chip with a soft centre.

3. Next, steam the chips for 9 minutes. Keep an eye on them and make sure once they are steamed they are still firm and not falling in the pan. They need to keep their chip shape.

4. Once they are steamed remove the steamer from the pan and place over the sink to allow any excess water to drain away. At the same time place a clean dry tea towel over the chips to soak up any steam and so drying the chips.

5. Using 2 baking sheets lay over baking parchment on both sheets and pour on a tablespoon of oil. The baking sheets do not need to be hot.

6. Place your chips onto the trays and coat the chips with oil. Put in the oven for 25 minutes but check half way through and turn them over.

7. Once you are happy with the cooked result remove and serve with your favourite accompaniment.

Easy really although on paper it makes it look like quite a lengthy process. I find it easier to prepare the chips in the morning then when dinner time arrives all I have to do is pop them in the steamer and then the oven. I have in the past steamed the chips a few hours ahead which also works. The good thing about this method is that your chips are nice and dry prior to cooking. This will give you a crunchy chip.

What do you like to eat with your chips? I like a blob of mayonnaise for those peas to stick to!!!



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