Sour dough, version 3!!

Hello there my committed sour dough fans! (all maybe 1 of you- ha ha!!)

I just can’t seem to leave this sour dough stuff alone and I feel as though I am in search of that holy grail recipe. So, in true sour dough fashion I today have tried recipe mark 3. A recipe provided by the bakers, The Hobbs Brothers. They are based down in the Cotswolds and have 4 bakery shops selling all kinds of delicious bread. I have in the past watched videos of their bread making techniques and decided to give it a go myself. The recipe is only for a small sourdough loaf using 230g bread flour and 125g of my sour dough starter, 125ml warm water and 5g sea salt. I fed my starter on Sunday and allowed it a 48hour period to do its stuff. In my very inexperienced opinion it looked rather good. It had a thick consistency with lots of activity present. I liked the recipe because it was simple with the exception of needing to leave a 12 hour period for proving. I have made mine this evening with the idea of baking it early in the morning, all nice and ready for toast at playtime, 10.30am (Sorry I home ed my two children and we usually have a mid morning break!).

The noticeable difference between the previous 2 loaves is that the dough was rather wet which did make it a bit difficult to knead. I knead by hand at the moment  but I think if this bread obsession continues I will need to buy a kitchen appliance to do the job for me. I usually knead for around 10minutes but I am never quite sure if I have done enough or not. I guess all will be revealed tomorrow. It was then left to rest for 30 minutes before being put in my proving basket in my front room, all nice and cosy next to the radiator. Let’s hope we have success in the morning.

This is a proving basket, aka, a bannetone.

This is a proving basket, aka, a banneton!

……TBC…..will fill you in tomorrow with the next installment…I bet you can’t wait!!!


2 thoughts on “Sour dough, version 3!!

  1. When the dough is so wet that it sticks to my hands, I add two or three extra grams of flour, knead it a bit and it the dough is still too sticky to knead, I add a few more grams of flour….and repeat until the dough is manageable. I don’t think I have ever needed to add more than 10 grams of flour.

    I very much prefer to knead the dough by hand.

    When I knead the dough, the first 8 or 9 (or 10 or even 11) minutes, nothing seems to be happening. Then, over a minute of kneading, the dough changes how it feels in my hands. I’m not quire sure how to explain it. To me it changes from like I am kneading clay to like I am kneading a balloon filled with water….the dough begins to seem like it wants to spring back into it’s old shape.

    • Hi,
      I was told to avoid adding extra flour and simply keep kneading. It is difficult to avoid the temptation to add flour. I have also read that you should put olive oil on the work surface when kneading.
      I will keep experimenting.
      Thanks for the tips.

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