The end of another busy week.

Looks can be deceiving. Beautiful on the inside.

Looks can be deceiving. Beautiful on the inside.

Hi there,

I just wanted to write a simple, reflective post tonight just to allow me to think about some of the foodie things that have happened this week and even some things that I have learnt. It has been a busy week with the children but I have still managed to squeeze in a fair amount of cooking.

Tasty aubergine sandwich

Tasty aubergine sandwich

This week I have really enjoyed eating – aubergine burgers and tomato sauce, spicy carrot and lentil soup, vegetarian haggis with quick green lentil stew (post to follow next week), drinking hot water and lemon and overcoming my addiction to tea (at last!!), delicious creamy porridge for breakfast with flaxseed, and of course my delicious and best tasting yet sour dough loaf (more on this too next week).

Straight from the oven - it smelt so good.

Sour dough – hand reared and baked with love x

What have I learnt this week, about myself and my cooking?

1. That I love to be veggie with a bit of fish, and that I too could be a part-time vegan.

2. That I don’t need gallons of tea every day – there are loads of alternatives, hot water and lemon, green tea, redbush, and of course the pure and simple tap water. Drink more, we all need to!

3. That 1g = 1ml. This is very handy when you are weighing out bread ingredients.

4. That exercise is so good for the mind, body and soul, even if you do it with your children.

5. That eating too much dairy product makes your tummy wobble!! Cutting out the lattes and cakes will help you shed a couple of pounds!! It worked for me.

Next week I am going to….

1. Bake some different breads out of my bread maker book (I will post my results and tell you more about the joys of bread makers – don’t get me started!)

2. Attempt a loaf with an unusual flower such as kamut oiled loaf as suggested by Canterbury Baking School, you can follow her on Twitter @100percentbread.

3. Keep practicing my photography – it was great fun playing around with icing sugar and cup cakes!!

What am I reading at the moment?

Every single food blog that I have time to read but in particular nutrition based blogs such as McKel Hill @nutstripped or Sarah B @mynewroots and really like the honesty of David Frenkiel @gkstories. There focus is on veggie/vegan/wholefood based diets. They give me hope and inspiration that maybe one day I can write a successful blog about the benefits of eating well, and who knows someone might like it!!

See you all next week and please comment if you have something you would like to share.




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