Inner health equals outer health & happiness.

Writing this post is very important to me. It will also be important to you as my reader. It will help you understand why I write about the things I write about and why sometimes I have a little shout about things.

The food I put into my body is very important to me and has been for the past 10 years. I have mentioned in previous posts my state of health 10 years ago. (for those of you who didn’t read it I had a breakdown at 28!!) What happened then will forever have an impact on how I live my life. I was a 28-year-old taking beta-blockers prescribed by the doctor which in turn led to antidepressants. I was clearly stressed, and depressed and yet the answer was to fill me with pills. I ate the wrong stuff, worked long hours and drank too much. This was bound to turn into a car crash situation, and it did!! I resigned from my teaching job and gradually taught myself to cook and make myself well again. It took a long, long time but now I am better. Food and of course my lifestyle made me better.

I also stopped drinking alcohol too. A fact that many in our society find a little difficult to comprehend. Alcohol plays such a huge role in so many people’s lives but for me it was a demon that I needed to start living without. Not only did I drink too much in my 20’s it also made me put on lots of weight. I think for those of us who have ever had a drink we know that drinking makes us hungry plus drinking is packed with calories that our bodies probably don’t need. The weight gain for me wasn’t something that I actually noticed at the time and to be quite honest I didn’t put the two factors together. I didn’t really think that I was particularly overweight, and I suppose I wasn’t. I was though gradually poisoning myself. Putting food into my body that did it no good whatsoever. I hardly ate any fruit and vegetables. I certainly didn’t eat pulses and beans like I do today.

I have taught myself to be respectful of my body. It was soon to tell me all those years ago that it was not happy. I now know that inner healthy equals outer health and happiness. I hope to share this idea with others. Maybe others who are in a similar situation to the one I was in.

Thanks for listening and hope you continue to enjoy reading my blog.

L x


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