Leek, anyone? The journey of a Northern veggie!

Following on from my post ‘Inner health’ that I posted just a few minutes ago I would like to talk about my veggie friends whom I have come to love. I must confess that nothing makes me happier than looking at a basketful full of vegetables. All their beautiful colours, there lovely shapes and wondering what delicious creations they will turn in to. Each week I visit our local farm shop. I go armed with my list that I compile the night before when I am preparing my weekly menu. It works and as I have spoken about before it means that even if I go ‘off plan’ at least I know there is a plan to keep me on track. My farm shops is bulging with fruit and vegetables not only from far-flung places, but also from the fields of my local towns and villages. I simply love to buy a leek that was grown a couple of miles away, or some delicious curly kale from the next field. It inspires me to cook with these local ingredients leaving me safe in the knowledge that they haven’t travelled thousands of miles. I try and sometimes fail at this but I become reassured that most of the time I cook local produce. After piling up my basket with yummy goods I travel home to my humble kitchen eager to start peeling, chopping, roasting and softening all my treasures that will make their way into my stomach.

So, for some reason this week I chose to have a veggie week. My husband was happy to join in with the experiment and I was happy to cook the goods. My objective is to find out how the prominence of fruit, vegetables, some carbs including pasta and bread along with small amounts of cheese and eggs will impact on the health of my bowel.  My Grandmother died of bowl cancer 10 years ago after great suffering most of her life. I seem to have inherited this and I too have suffered all my life. I really don’t want to be too descriptive but I suppose you could say I am not a regular bathroom visitor. I know that I need to exercise more, and as well as tackling my diet I would like to tackle this too. This is slightly tricky with our family life at the moment but hopefully in the summer things will improve.

I therefore would like to share with you all a few of my menu ideas for the week ahead and I intend to share these recipes over the course of the week. So, this week I am hoping to eat –

Moroccan Lentil Soup

Baked aubergines with crushed chickpeas & a cauliflower salad (Saturday night feast)

Aubergine burgers with a red pepper and tomato sauce

Lentil tarka dal, with roasted cauliflower & carrots, and home-made naan bread

Smoky greens with butter beans

Spinach & mushroom pasty with home-made beans in a tomato sauce

Feta & flageolet bean salad

I believe that the food I cook is a step away from the ordinary vegetarian food. Most of the meals contain a high level of protein in the form of beans or lentils. They also contain a high level of flavour which is based around middle eastern spices. I will look forward to reporting back on the results of my veggie week next week.

I would also really love to hear from you about your veggie experiences and some of the meals you make.

Thanks for reading!



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