The veggie experiment – is it working?

Looks can be deceiving. Beautiful on the inside.

Looks can be deceiving. Beautiful on the inside.

Straight answer – undoubtedly yes!!! I feel great actually and I know that it is down to my veggie, lentils and beans based diet. It has put a spring in my step at times of the day when my spring has sprung. I am sleeping well and most unbelievably I feel full and satisfied all the time. This surely is the most common misconception about veggie diets that you are going to feel hungry. Well, if you do it properly and plan you meals well you won’t feel hungry and you won’t miss the meat.

2015-02-09 16.14.17I was talking to my sister-in-law and good friend today about my objective behind trying to be a veggie. I told them that mine was primarily a health reason. That I needed a plant-based diet to keep me healthy inside but also, and just as importantly, it was an ethical issue. We only eat as much meat as we do because meat is readily available. Meat is not cheap, vegetables are cheap. Meat places an enormous strain on our planet and the bottom line is we are living in a world of intensive farming. There is too much of just about everything. Too much milk, too much meat, too much food in the supermarkets and too many products in the shops that we don’t need. Is there a case I ask myself to return to the days of things just running out. Maybe like the times of the rationing during World War 2? Our children don’t know what it is not to have food in the cupboards and neither do I for that matter. I think that has given me an idea for a future food experiment….. But as usual I digress.

Transform an aubergine into a delicious supper.

Transform an aubergine into a delicious supper.

My veggie experiment is going really well and here is a list of some of the other delights that  I have eaten this week…

  1. Spiced puy lentils & polenta cake with chilli, feta & red peppers.
  2. Seeded pitta bread with roasted peppers, tomatoes, spinach & flageolet beans, extra virgin olive oil and pepper.
  3. More Moroccan lentil soup
  4. Roasted aubergines with crushed chickpeas & aubergine burgers (all meal 2)

What I find the most amazing about veggie food is that one meal last 2 or 3 meals. It keeps brilliantly well in the fridge. You don’t need to worry about re-heating it for fear of poisoning yourself. It will freeze well especially soups and lentil based meals and even defrosted tastes amazing. Plus you get so much for your money. I think next week I will try to put a rough estimate on how much each veggie meal costs to make.

2015-01-23 17.07.20

I couldn’t make the switch to purely vegetarianism. It would be too drastic. But I can live my daily life-like this knowing that my health is benefitting from this diet of goodness. It not only is a pleasure to cook, it is a pleasure to eat!!


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