No meat, no wheat!!

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For those of you who have read my recent posts you will know that I have been a pretend vegetarian. And I have very much enjoyed the whole experience. It is one in which I intend to continue with the odd bit of fish maybe for good measure. But now the spotlight has shifted to an entirely different place. Wheat free meals. This it feels is much harder. Making vegetarian meals are relatively straightforward. You just make the meal without the meat. Simple. But to make that meal without the meat and the wheat, well that is another story altogether. This story began some time ago when my husband was suffering with dry skin. He identified that when he stopped eating bread, which the whole family loves, his skin wasn’t so dry. But bread seems to be our achilles heel. The one element of our day which plays such a significant part. How can you have beans without the toast? How can you have a soft boiled egg without the soldiers? And how can you have home made soup without a lovely warm bread roll. Of course the wheat demon extends much further than this. It is of course in pastry, cakes and biscuits and even in the batter of our beloved fish from the chip shop!!

Filling, healthy and delicious food. Tarka dal and roasted cauliflower.

Filling, healthy and delicious food. Tarka dal and roasted cauliflower.

When planning our meals without the wheat I have felt challenged. I feel as though I am turning into the global phenomenon, Ella Woodward and who knows maybe I will. What I have noticed is that so many of the food cultures around the world hold bread at the heart of every meal they eat. Why? I don’t know yet but wheat seems to be something we just can’t live without. It is of course completely possible as was proven by our dinner last night. A chickpea curry with roasted cauliflower and coconut rice. Delicious and not a grain of wheat in sight or a drop of dairy for that matter.

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So from this post forward I am trying to prove that meals can be delicious without the inclusion of wheat. What I hope to find out is is it the wheat or is it the yeast? The two always come together so it is difficult to really know who the culprit it. I want to try making some bread with gluten-free flour and flour that has a lower gluten (protein) content than that of its regular counterparts. But for now I want to strike it off the menu completely. I know the health benefits will be good for me too and my tricky internal problems. Maybe oh maybe it is the bread that is causing me all the grief too. My children love bread and would happily eat it for every meal. I think as a lifestyle change for a short period it will do us all some good and make us re-think and find alternatives. I think potatoes will feature heavily especially if pasta is struck off and I hope that it will make me a better and more inventive cook. Watch this space…..

Thanks for reading. Lx


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