Flooded…day one!!

Day one of my water experiment has been extremely interesting and I feel very worthwhile. Let’s start at the beginning of the day. Before I knew it I had very quickly and easily drunk almost a litre of water. 1 glass of cold water, 2 cups of hot water and lemon, and there you have 800ml (yes sadly I measured how much my cups hold). A cup of tea before we went out for the day and there you have it a litre of fluid before 9.30am. We were out for the day so I drank water whilst looking around the museum with a coffee in the afternoon. I certainly didn’t feel very thirsty apart from a little bit on the journey home on the train. I suppose in the back of my mind I knew I was aiming for 3 litres so in a way I just drank.

On my return home my quest to keep drinking continued. Drinking hot water and lemon is never a problem for me so this was my first drink at home. I must admit that it was starting to get more difficult. I was slowing down. I’d eaten my evening meal and usually I wouldn’t have much more to drink apart from maybe a redbush or a cup of tea around 8pm. But I had only drunk 2400ml which meant whether I liked it not more needed to be drunk!!

By the time I am writing this post I had stopped drinking. I wasn’t particularly thirsty as I perhaps was first thing this morning, and of course I was conscious that the more I drank, the more I would be visiting the bathroom. And I feel that 3 litres is maybe excessive. 2 litres I am sure is sufficient.

There have certainly been some advantages. I have felt as though all the water has suppressed my appetite. Normally by 11am I am starting to get quite hungry to the point of feeling quite low. But today was different. I was ok. I was quite hungry by lunch time but not ravenous. All will be revealed tomorrow I imagine when we have a normal day at home. I also think as the day has gone by I haven’t had the same craving for tea as normal. My focus has solely been on drinking water so tea has been pushed to one side. Again tomorrow may tell a different story and I will report back.

All I know is that the extra water has to make a difference. I knew my habits needed to change so I just hope that doing something like this will change them for good. It is easy to opt for a caffeinated drink when in fact it is just pure and simple water that is needed. Let’s just wait and see……

Thanks for reading. Lx


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