Water, water everywhere!

Day two = 3 litres of water consumed. Today has been far easier but then again I have been at home all day. I appreciate that I am lucky to be at home for the majority of the week. I home educate my 2 bunnies so home is where we learn. And home is where we love to learn. As with day one I found it very easy to drink the first litre of water. I can’t say I was quite as thirsty but what I have found is that food creates a greater thirst. I always have porridge for breakfast. Clean my teeth and no sooner has that happened then I am thirsty. Already my habits are changing. I reach for a glass of water rather than a cup of tea. I drink a coffee or a tea and make sure I drink a glass of water alongside it. All these little tricks allow you to quickly increase your water intake. I also made sure I had a good drink of water prior to a meal.

So has my appetite been suppressed? Yes, I think it has. As I reported yesterday I have been able to last far longer without food than I did before. Today I had a coffee at 11.30am whilst out, but then I didn’t eat my lunch of bean chilli and brown rice until 2.30pm. I was fine!! Normally I would have been passing out by 12 noon!!

Other improvements have included that I haven’t suffered from tired legs. I don’t always suffer from this but as I am constantly on the move I do have days when all I want to do is sit down. Yesterday was unusual as we were out for the day and on my feet for much of it. I do feel strangely better. I don’t really know why. I just know that it has to be better drinking more water. I want it to become a normal way of life rather than an effort.

To date I have enjoyed my extra intake. Cold water is really difficult if you are not very, very thirsty but boiled water or boiled water and lemon are a fantastic alternative. You get a hot drink and a drink of water all in one go. A real result!

Tomorrow I will report back on day three plus I want to talk exercise. Another element of my life that I need to address. One step at a time….let’s walk before we run!!

Thanks for reading….L x


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