Water experiment – day 3.

As with anything new the more you do something the easier it becomes. By the end of the day I was naturally reaching for the water, in comparison to day one when I was forever thinking that I had to drink water. This is not a good feeling. I wanted this to be a subconscious feeling and today that feeling began. Once again I have drunk over 3 litres of water. It has been far easier and I don’t know if it is all in my imagination but I do feel better. Slimmer but I don’t think I am. I can’t be. It has only been 3 days!!!

I have also seen a shift in my tea drinking habits. I have had 2 cups but to be quite honest I would have happily had lemon water. I think I wanted the comfort that a cup fo tea offers and the change of taste. In the process of drinking all this water I am also trying to educate my children about the benefits of water. How we need it to stay alive and that the best indication of how hydrated we are is our urine. My 4-year-old often asks me if her wee is the right colour. You can never start early enough in my opinion. It is rather a disgusting topic but if we all know what colour our wee should be then we would all be a lot healthier.

Here is a chart that indicates how hydrated or de-hydrated you are –

4876180You can see that number one is the optimum urine colour. If you are in the region of number 8 then you need to DRINK MORE WATER.

TOP WATER TIP – always carry a bottle of water in the car with you. I often find after doing an activity with the children I am always thirsty. They are too so I always keep a couple of sports bottles topped up on the front seat for easy access.

Last night I mentioned that in order to complete my healthy lifestyle I needed to do more exercise. If the weather here in the North West of England would improve then going for a walk or a bike ride would be at the top of my list. However, sadly it is not and I have now resorted to doing a 7 minute workout in the comfort of my bedroom! Even if I did manage to go for a walk this workout would be a great addition. It works on your core strength with exercises such as the plank and squats. It is a free application available on the iPad by the health care company Johnson & Johnson. It can be tailored to suit your age and physical ability by producing a work out with the appropriate rest periods and differentiated exercises too. I have tried it 3 times now and each time I enjoy it. If you want to give it a try just look for ‘7 minute workout’ on the Apple apps store.

So, day 4 of water mania tomorrow. We are planning on a lovely family walk in the morning so I will need to take my water supply with me. I am really looking forward to some serious exercise. Prior to the children being born my husband and I would regularly walk around the local area but now we have resorted to just getting exercise when we are with the children. Hopefully, as summer approaches and as they get older we can increase this exercise and benefit the whole family.

Have a great Easter weekend and thanks for reading. Lx

P.S Sorry for the pictureless posts – I must try and take some exciting pictures of bottle of water!!!



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