Coconut oil….have you tried to cook with it?

Hello there!

You know, it is so wonderful writing a blog and I absolutely love to sit down and write. But you know something else, it is very frustrating when life gets in the way!! I can’t believe I haven’t written a post for days and days. It is not like I don’t have anything to say, far from it in fact. I have loads I want to say. My mind is bursting with ideas, so many that I don’t know where to begin.

So, let’s start by filling you in on my exciting life to date; I have been having sewing machine lessons with my lovely Mum and last week I finished making an apron, appropriate thing to make I thought :-); I was rejected by ChannelMum, a company set up to help Mum’s vlog (video log) about their life. I was going to vlog about fun activities for your children at home as I spend 23 out of 24 hours working alongside my little darlings (maybe file that for my next project); I got a new job managing a website; and finally, I used coconut oil for the first time – round of applause please!!! Oh, and our new house has started to be plastered today, hooray!!

In my last post I talked about the myriad of choices we seem to have when deciding which oil to cook with. At first after reading that coconut oil was a saturated fat I thought it best to steer clear but after reading a little bit of literature I discovered that maybe I was wrong. One friend told me that she was cooking with it to help her son’s eczema and amazingly it was working. I also came across a family owned company called ‘Lucy Bee’ who sell extra virgin organic raw coconut oil!! I found then on facebook and sent  for their free information booklet. It arrived the other day and it is a fascinating read. Testimonials from customers absolutely love the stuff; from deodrant, to body cream, to eating off the spoon there seems to be no end of possibilities as to what you can do with it. I think the reason it is such a hit is that it is lactose free/dairy free which makes it ideal for those who are lactose intolerant or vegan.

If you want to read more from Lucy Bee go to www.

Naturally being a food investigator, as well as a home cook I was desperate to try it out. I decided that the best place to start was by roasting some potatoes. I did a batch with the melted coconut oil and a batch with my usual rapeseed oil. I did wonder, as strange as it may sound, would my roast potatoes taste of coconut. The answer – a little bit. I think the smell was stronger than the actual taste. I served them my husband for his tea and he loved them. He had them as an accompaniment to his favourite ‘Broccoli pesto with wholewheat pasta’ and he just loved them. My reservation about the taste was in part because I am not a hug fan of coconut. I think this harks back to when I was younger and those disgusting chocolate bars called Bounty were sold. They probably still are but as I don’t eat sickly chocolate bars anymore I wouldn’t really know. Anyway, I digress…will I be persevering with coconut oil? I think so. In the Lucy Bee booklet there are several recipes that I would like to try. One is ‘Bullet Coffee Bites’, ‘Raspberry Bakewell Cake’ and some lovely smoothie recipes too. Once I have made these I will gladly share.

Let’s take a look at why everyone in the health world is raving about coconut oil –

* It is rich in healthy medium chain triglycerides (MCTs) which the body can metabolise quickly

*It contains no cholesterol, meaning it can be enjoyed by people on a range of diets

* Coconut oil cooks at high temperatures and it is one of the safest oil to cook with, it has a smoking temperature of 176 degrees centigrade. It means it is no-toxic when heated because it is 90% saturated making it a more stable fat than many other cooking oils

*It is very nourishing for skin. It can be applied topically, to moisturise and banish dryness

* Wait for it – it can be used as a mouthwash. For centuries it has been used in a process called pulling which kills bacteria and can help whiten teeth

*Eat coconut oil and it is converted to ketones which the body can use effectively

* It is very easy to digest so if you suffer from bloating or IBS it is great news for you!

This only scratches the surface and I am very keen to know more. As soon as I do I will pass it on to you…..I love discovering new foods and their amazing health benefits.

What are you going to make with your jar of coconut oil? Share your stories with me, and then we can learn together……

Oh, and remember this week is National Vegetarian Week…18th -24 May….why not try making a vegetarian meal and let me know how it works out.

Thanks for reading. L x


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