Topical application of coconut oil


I don’t really classify this as a post but more of a news flash. I just wanted to update you on my coconut oil explorations!! After posting last night my friend told me that she too uses coconut oil in her every day life and even as a deodorant. This news has spurred me on even more to dig into the real qualities of this unexpected treasure. For quite a while now I have had a very small but sore patch of skin just beneath my eye. I don’t know what it is about dry skin or cuts to the skin but they are so painful. Tonight I applied just a small amount of coconut oil to the sore area. Within a few minutes it was feeling so much better. By applying the coconut oil I wasn’t tempted to touch it or fiddle with it. I was amazed!!

Next I decided to try it on my skin. I am a huge fan of Liz Earle beauty products and in particular their hot cloth and cleanse facial wash. I like it because in comparison to other products it uses natural ingredients. But, and this is a big but, it is expensive!! It costs around £16 just for the toner. If I can find an alternative that is environmentally friendly and sustainable then I would be more than happy to jump camp!! After washing my face tonight with the cleanser I then used the coconut oil as a toner (I had actually run out so it was a good chance). I wasn’t actually sure how to apply so I just put some in the lid and rubbed over it with a cotton wool ball. It softens and melts immediately after which I applied it in the same way as a toner. I was amazed to see the residue of my makeup on the cotton wool. It was just like makeup remover!!! Gasp of amazement number 2!!! I now need to research further into how else I can use it as a beauty product. Tomorrow it will be my deodorant so looking forward to that.

I am eager to use it more in my food but just need a bit of time. Life super hectic at the moment but I will give it a go as soon as possible and let you all know.

Thanks for reading. L x


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