The time has come….

Here I am sat in a beautiful villa high up in the Monchique mountains in the Algarve, Portugal and I now feel that the time has come to begin my blog again. It has undoubtedly been a very busy 18 months. I have overcome some huge challenges at work. I have moved house. I have rented out our old house, including personally advertising and interviewing tenants. I have continue to educate our two children. Oh, and I have breathed and slept in between. But now the storm seems to be over. I have space in my mind to blog and you will be pleased to hear I have much to say, as always.

I think this photograph depicts how I am feeling right now, life is very, very good…..

Image result for jump

My hopes for my blog this time around is to continue to focus on different types of vegetarian food. We still on the whole eat vegetarian food. It just makes lots of sense to eat this way, plus I feel that it is our bodies natural way and rhythm. Meat has its place but only is moderation. I also would like to blog about the local producers that we have so many of here in the Ribble Valley. We are lucky enough to live on the doorstep of the Trough of Bowland. It is a truly stunning place to live and there a several local food producers working their magic with the simple things in life. I hope to share more and to learn more about their artisan food practices. Finally, it has always been a love of mine to eat of local restaurants and cafes. My husband and I love to sit, drink tea and talk. Perfection!! So, maybe I can share some of those special places with you too.

Fingers crossed and I look forward to sharing the next part of my journey with you all.

Laura x


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