Food photography for beginners

Shortbread biscuits

Shortbread biscuits

When beginning my blogging journey a couple of year ago I didn’t really consider the photography,  or for that matter the importance of photography when creating a blog. I suppose I just thought that I would write. But it seems that photography is a big deal in the world of food blogs. After reading the wonderful blog of Lindsay Ostrom,, I have learnt so much about the power of the photograph.  In her blog she recalls her photographic journey and how it has been critical to the success of her blog. She went from part time blogger to full time blogger with a phenomenal monthly income. If you need inspiration I suggest you look no further.

It was after reading this blog that I began to reflect on my photography skills, or lack of them. Of course I know how to take a photo and some of my images are reasonable but did I understand the process, NO!! I am from the point and shoot age which I guess in some ways has hindered me in moving forward to taking better quality shots.

In light of all this thinking I have decided to go back to the drawing board and back to school. I know that I have gaps in my understanding and I really want to fill those gaps so that I can take really good shots of my food, which I am led to believe will increase my readership, we’ll have to see about that one!

You Tube as always has come to the rescue and I have found this fantastic channel called ‘Allversity’ where there is a 53 lesson course on the basics of photography. It talks about the history of photography, what is ISO, what is shutterspeed in easy to understand 15 minute videos.  If you want to take a peek here is the link – 

I will share my journey with you all and if you have anything to share with me then please let me know.

Looking forward to starting my next journey with you all…………


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