Fitness resolution 2017

Hi there and happy new year!!

Just less than 10 weeks ago I decided to start a serious exercise routine. It was whilst I was away on holiday that I came up with the idea of how to add exercise into my daily routine. I knew that simple tasks such as climbing the stairs or walking up a gentle hill were starting to leave me out of breath. I had also been experiencing a crushing feeling  in my chest whilst sleeping on my side and many mornings I would wake up feeling stiff and achy. I had been trying to tackle this problem for months, going for walks with my children, maybe having a swim once a week, but it wasn’t enough. My heart rate needed to increase, my legs needed strengthening and my weak core was leading to poor posture and an achy back.

My problem was simple; not enough time in the day! We all suffer from this, right? But how on earth do you overcome what seems such a insurmountable  problem. How do you give time to your body and your health without even leaving the house. It is simple and every single person whoever reads this blog can achieve it. All you need is half an hour every other day and a laptop/tablet, then bingo you are on your way to feeling amazing.

So, what is the answer – I know you’ve already guessed, exercising at home!! We can all spare half an hour to give our body some well deserved attention. As I have said when talking about food we all manage to find time to go for a coffee or spend half an hour browsing the internet, so we really have no excuse when it comes to getting fit!

I use a channel on You Tube called ‘Fitness Blender’.  Go to  –

Here is the video I use if you would like to try it out – maybe right now if you’re feeling energetic………

It is a site run by a husband and wife couple who offer a very down to earth and relaxed approach to exercise, with a good moral vision too, (the exercises are by no means relaxed!!), but they are genuine people who want to share their passion for fitness. I use a  32 minute cardio workout, without equipment and there is no doubt about it I am seeing really positive results. I feel stronger from within. My core feels stronger, my posture has improved, I can climb our 2 flights of stairs without being out of breath and I can go for walks with my children and keep up with them!!

So, if you need a new year’s resolution, let it be exercise!!! And when you are sat doing something pointless, just think you could be doing something that will improve your life.

Go on, give it a go…..and let me know how it goes.

Happy new year and let’s live a happy and healthy 2017.

Thanks for reading,

Laura xx

Please note this is my personal recommendation. I have no association with Fitness Blender. Only exercise within your limits and seek medical advice if you experience any problems. 


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