Simple, tasty baking…ready in a sprinkle!

Easy, peasy butterfly cakes

So simple to make, but so easy to eat!!! Light and delicate butterfly cakes.

Hey there,

How has your day been? I know many lovely people are now back to work, we on the other hand are lucky enough to have another few days and boy am I clinging on to them for dear life!! What is it about going back to work? The crazy thing is I work for myself, but for me it is about the change that takes place. My days will go from pretty much doing what I like to a semi-structured timetable of teaching my gorgeous children and going to work and teaching somebody else’s!! Anyway, let’s not dwell and instead turn our minds to the most important job in hand….food.

The middle day of the week, Wednesday, called for a spot of baking in the Burgon household along with my very capable 6 year old daughter. She totally astounds me at times. After a fun swim this morning it of course called for some baking. Butterfly cakes were chosen by the younger baker. They are the most delicious little sponge cake usually filled with a spot of jam and the oh so delicious buttercream. An absolute match made in heaven.

Easy, peasy butterfly cakes

Baked, filled with strawberry jam and butter cream. Delicious!!

What bits of kit do you need? 

A muffin/cup cake tin plus cake cases to fit inside

A mixing bowl

Weighing scales

A sieve

Electric hand mixer

Teaspoons and dessert spoons

Ingredients – to make approximately 12 cup cakes

110g Self raising flour

1 teaspoon Baking powder

110g Butter or Stork (baking margarine in UK)

110g Caster Sugar

2-3 drops of vanilla essence (or extract if pennies allow)

2  medium eggs

(This recipe is so flexible that it can easily be doubled, with a perfectly good result)

How to turn all this into cake.

Begin by heating your oven – 170  C  fan or 190 c without fan, Gas mark 5.

Sift the flour and baking powder into a large bowl, lift it nice and high to allow plenty of air into the flour, then your little cakes will be nice and fluffy. Next add the butter, sugar and eggs and mix with the electric mixer (if you don’t have one it doesn’t matter just beat it altogether by hand until you have a nice light and fluffy mixture which is pale).

Next using your teaspoons put the mixture into the cake cases using the second spoon to scrape it into the cases. Only fill the cases about half full or the cakes will overflow the case when baked.

Butterfly cake mixture

Butterfly cake mixture all ready for the oven.

Bake for 15-20 minutes until they are a nice golden brown colour. Around half way through baking you might want to turn your tray around to bake them evenly. To test if your cakes are baked place a sharp knife into the centre. If the knife is clean, the cake is cooked. Then all that remains is to let them cool, use a sharp knife to cut out the top and pop in a teaspoon of jam and a teaspoon of buttercream. Pop the top back on, or cut it in half if you want to make butterfly wings, dust with icing sugar and hey presto, a delicious, fresh home baked cake. Perfect!!


140g very soft butter

280g icing sugar

1-2 tablespoons of milk

Drop of food colouring if you want to colour your buttercream.

Beat the butter until it turns very pale. Add half of the icing sugar and continue to beat. Then add the remaining icing sugar, beat again. Finally, if the buttercream is slightly stiff add a drop of milk. Beat again until you have a smooth consistency that will drop easily off your spoon with a slight tap.

Baked butterfly cakes

Golden cakes ready to be decorated.

Butterfly cake





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