Butternut Squash & Kale

Butternut and squash

Hi there folks,

How’s your day been? Not too busy I hope. I don’t know about you but this week in our house it has been all about eating every last morsel of food that is either in the veg basket or in the freezer before I do some fresh grocery shopping tomorrow. I wouldn’t say on the whole I waste food, but from time to time there is a shrivelled up apple or some dried up sticks of celery who don’t manage to get centre stage in one of my delicious meals.

However, tonight I am pleased to say was a different story and both the left over butternut squash that was spared being made into soup from Christmas and the half bag of curly kale were both turned into a pan of yumminess this evening. Plus, what’s more it was the easiest plate of food that could ever be made. I can’t however take all the credit, no, no, no, this has to be given to the lovely blogger by the name of ‘The Pioneer Woman’, http://www.thepioneerwoman.com, and her site has some great recipes, so thanks for this one.

For any of you that hasn’t eaten kale before then this is a great chance to try it and just look at how good it is for you;

“Kale is an excellent source of vitamins K, A and C, as well as containing useful amounts of manganese, copper and phytochemicals, which are believed to help against certain types of cancer. Because kale contains so many different nutrients it can play an important role as part of a healthy balanced diet”,  and if you need more proof then have a look at this website –

http://www.discoverkale.co.uk/ – I think after finding this I am going to go kale crazy, the recipes all look so delicious.

Whenever you think of butternut squash you generally think about soup. I do. After all I made some ‘Butternut squash and ginger soup’ for Christmas Day lunch, and it was delicious. But you wouldn’t really think to eat it in it’s pure form all chopped up, pan fried in butter of an oil of your choice making it turn the most amazing orange. Then add the deep, green of the kale and you have yourself a visual feast.

butternut squash

Here’s how to make it and some other ways to serve it –

Ingredients and preparation

1 butternut squash, peeled with a vegetable peeler, de-seeded and chopped into even sized cubes

1 bag of curly kale, approximately 4-5 large leaves, washed, woody stalks removed and chopped into small pieces

How to cook –

Heat a large frying pan and add either a large knob of butter plus a tablespoon of oil or you could use coconut oil if preferred. You will need the base of the pan to be coated so that the butternut squash has something to soften in.

Add the cubed squash and using a wooden spoon or spatula coat the squash, add a good grind of black pepper and a pinch of salt and leave to saute on a medium heat for approximately 25-30 minutes. Keep you eye on it so that it doesn’t burn and regularly turn to help the squash cook evenly. You will notice a significant colour change when it is cooked and to test simply prick with a sharp knife, it should be soft to al-dente. Once it is cooked, remove it from the pan, add some more oil if needed then add the kale, turn and keep the heat low otherwise it will quickly burn. It will only need a couple of minutes, then add the squash back and combine.


Serve immediately on a warmed plate. Now if you fancy some extra bits and pieces then it would be delicious with a generous grating of Parmesan cheese and your choice of crusty bread. Or may you are partial to some delicious home made chips, or even a warming  jacket potato. There would also be a delicious meal, if you have any to spare, for lunch the next day cushioned beautifully between a warm ciabatta and topped with a creamy goat’s cheese.

Now, for the meat lovers amongst you and like me tonight it works wonderfully with some of your favourite sausage. We are privileged in the town where I live to still have two highly professional butchers. I may not frequent the butchers very often but I still respect their work and the valuable service that they offer to those who do enjoy meat. Naturally, you could add your favourite brand of vegetarian sausage or even vegetarian Haggis!! The flavour of this vegetable mix is mild and gentle so can cope with some stronger flavours. If though you are like me I don’t have a problem with eating good old veggies solo!

In posts to come I have another fabulous kale recipe with some beautiful, wholesome brown rice, plus I am hoping to talk some more about the wonders are within all these veggies, nuts, seeds and pulses that grace my plate everyday leaving me feeling completely satisfied. No meat required.

Thanks so much for reading and hope to see you back here again soon.

Laura x


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