Healthy muesli with no added sugar


Hi everyone.

I think you can probably guess what I’ve been doing today. Sadly, I have only had my Panasonic point and shoot camera but I’m still fairly pleased with the results. I have come to realise that when taking a photograph of food there are loads of components. To begin with you have to prepare the food, then style it, then shoot it, re-style  it, re-shoot, repeating until you have a shot you are happy with. It takes a lot of time. I did manage today to get on my online photography course which has been discussing shutter speed and aperture.

Aperture refers to the depth of field. In other words, how open your lens is. Or put more simply how much of your photo is clear and how much is blurred in the background. What is confusing  is that the lower the aperture, the wider the lens is open. This photo of courgettes illustrates this concept – the courgette at the front is in focus, as this was the main subject of my image. However, the courgettes behind are slightly out of focus. I used an f.stop of 4.0, which is a fairly small aperture and so the depth of field is not too deep. I can see the shape of the courgette at the back, whereas if I had chosen a lower aperture, maybe 2.8 then the courgette at the back would have been very blurred.


As a food photographer you ideally want to change the aperture to be somewhere around 3.5. This gives a good depth of field and leaves a little mystery and romance to your food shots. If you need some clarification take a look at the image below – it is confusing as the number and the aperture sort of contradict themselves.


If you choose a low aperture, then there will be a shallow depth of field, making the subject clear but everything else behind will be out of focus. My photo below doesn’t have any depth of field because I am unable to set it on my point and shoot camera. (I knew I had a good reason to buy a DSLR!! :-))

Sugar free muesli

I know, stop blabbering on about camera settings and just tell us how to make the muesli! This recipe is an updated version of one I posted a while back; and it’s so much more tasty. Be warned, it might take 5 minutes to make…. can you spare this for your health????? And your bank balance? Shop bought muesli and granola is a fortune.

What you will need…(for ease in this recipe I use cups. If you don’t have any I have given the grams equivalent)

1 cup (128g) of porridge oats

1 cup (128g) of buckwheat flakes

1/4 cup (32g) of pumpkin seeds

1/4  cup (32g)of sunflower seeds

1/2 cup (64g) of desiccated coconut flakes

1 cup (128g) of chopped dates

1/4cup (32g) jumbo raisins

1/4  cup (32g)dried cranberries

1/2 cup  (64g) of chopped nuts (mix of hazelnuts and pecans, but whatever you like is fine)

Vary as you wish and according to your own personal taste, but I promise it is delicious. I quite like mine to be soaked overnight, then eaten the next morning with extra milk when the oats and buckwheat has become deliciously soft. It would also be nice topped with sliced banana and a drizzle of honey or carob syrup. Quick, simple and healthy. There surely couldn’t be an easier start to the day.

Happy muesli making and please come back soon.
Laura x





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