A little bit about me

Laura and children

Me and my two best buddies!!

Hello and welcome to my blog. I am very pleased that you are here!! My name is Laura Burgon and I love to cook , and in particular I love to cook for my beautiful family. I literally stumbled across a love of all things food whilst falling in love and taking some time out from the stresses of work. I live in the North West of England with my husband (the reason I love cooking so much) and my 2 beautiful children. My life is simple, I work some of the time, play much of the time and think about being in the kitchen all of the time!!!

Discovering cooking made me well when I was very sick. It made me forget many of my worries and importantly it gave me something tangible to do. Furthermore, I had something to share, i.e a meal, which they enjoyed, then told me so (or not!) and so I left the kitchen feeling good. Over time this was influential in making me well. It then in the latter years it gave me an outlet to my internal stress, leaving me feeling relaxed with my mental health in good shape.

I find cooking the most stress relieving, relaxing and enjoyable part of my every day routine. It’s practical with a very tangible product at the end that will either be devoured,  or pushed away. Either way the process of cooking is all I need to keep me calm and relaxed no matter what my non-paying customers may say!

I would describe my cooking approach as hybrid. I completely love vegetarian food and for 90% of the time I am a veggie and I cook veggie food. There is nothing more pleasing to me than seeing a box full of fresh vegetables. Here in the North West of England we are very lucky because we have some great locally grown food. That’s not to say that I always cook with local food because I don’t. My style of cooking has always been from the heart and in the moment. This is probably a reason why I am not a full time veggie because I love to be spontaneous and eat or cook what I fancy at that moment in time. I don’t have any moral standing with meat , so for now meat can stay. I think another way to describe myself is as a realist. I know what real life is like. I have a home, two young children, a business that I run with my husband and I know that you can’t be a purist all of the time. It just wouldn’t be real, would it? I also love to bake. I bake conventional cakes but I love exploring different types of baking, such as gluten free.

Fresh is best –  I make all our meals from scratch every day. This may sound very labour intensive but with a little bit of meal planning it is very achievable. I am proud to say that even when I had just given birth to both our children,  I still managed to produce a fresh meal for us all. I admit to cheating a couple of times with the odd meat pie from our wonderful fruit shop and yes I do use oven chips, but the remainder of the time it is fresh, fresh, fresh!!!!

I will not compromise my family’s health. It healed me and gave me time to recover from a near breakdown. I have gradually over the past few years re-trained and re-programmed myself to think about food in a totally different way. Once upon a time I ate frozen meals, takeaways and hardly any fresh fruit or veg. Oh, and drank too much. Now I feel guilty if I buy any kind of convenience food. I also suffered from aching legs which I thought was because I was on my feet all day, but later realised was due to my very poor diet and not to mention poor toilet habits. Food,  and my relationship with it, has transformed my life and I love the perfect marriage I have with it now.

Many of us today put lots of time into watching TV, using social media and going out, but not enough of us put enough time into cooking. You often hear many people saying that they don’t have time to cook which drives me crazy. After all you only have one body, one heart, one liver and one chance to live life to the full and this has to start with the food with you eat. Many of the recipes I cook only take 30 minutes. If you do a weekly shop they can be made so easily even when you have been at work all day. We can all sacrifice half an hour in the kitchen if it means a healthy, happy you!!




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